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Facts on Sarawak
Total Area: 124,449.5 square kilometres

Between latitude 0° 50’ and 5° N and longitude 109° 36’ and 115° 40’ E

Government System: Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch
Capital City: Kuching
Major Ethnic Group: Iban, Malay, Chinese and Bidayuh
Sarawak Indigenous Races: Bidayuh or Land Dayak Bukitan, Bisayah, Dusun, Iban or Sea Dayak, Kadayan, Kelabit, Kayan, Kenyah (including Sabup and Sipeng), Kajang (including Sekapan, Kejaman, Lahanan, Punan, Tanjong and Kanowit), Lugat, Lisum, Malay, Melanau, Murut or Lun Bawang, Penan, Sian, Tagal, Tabun, Ukit 
Common Languanges: Malay, English, Mandarin, Iban, others local dialects
Religion: Islam, Christianity and Buddhism
Time: GMT + 8 hours
US Eastern Standard Time + 13 hours

Tropical : warm and sunny throughout the year. Daily temperature range from 33° C (90° F) in the afternoon to 22° C (70° F) during the night.

Agency: State Planning Unit
As at: 15-04-2017
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