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  Facts & Figures on Utilities

About Utilities


Regulatory Framework

The laws and rules that regulate the water sector/industry in the State are:

i) Water Ordinance, 1994

ii) Water Supply Regulation, 1995.

Raw Water Resources

The State is blessed with an abundance of raw water resources.  Measures have been undertaken to protect and manage these water resources through an integrated water resources management plan and the gazettement of water catchments.

Gazetted Water Catchments

There are 107 Water Catchment Areas in the State of which 29 have been gazetted.


Regulatory Framework

The framework established in the State to effectively and efficiently regulate the State electricity industry are:

1. Electricity Ordinance - Chapter 50 (2007).
2. The Electricity Rules, 1999.
3. The Electricity (State Grid Code) Rules, 2003.