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Samalaju Industrial Park is one of the growth nodes in SCORE. It is located along the approximately 60 kilometers from the existing Bintulu town. With an area of more than 8,000 hectare, Samalaju Industrial Park is being developed as a new centre for heavy and energy-intensive industries equipped with all necessary facilities and utilities such as road infrastructure, sewerage treatment plant, water and electricity supply, telecommunication, social infrastructure as well as new township to meet the requirement of investors.

The industries in Samalaju Industrial Park will also be served by a dedicated port facility. The port is currently being developed in phases based on the demand. The Interim Phase which includes the construction of 2 Barge Berths and one Ro-Ro Ramp are in progress and scheduled to commence operation in First Quarter of 2014. The Phase 1 of the port which includes panamax and handymax berth facilities is expected to be completed in the Second Quarter of 2016.

Power sector development is a backbone for Samalaju Industrial Park

The State Government through the Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) is developing the energy sources to meet the power needs of energy intensive industries in SCORE.

More than 3,000 MW of firmed power is made available under the present energy sources namely Mukah Coal-fired power plant, Bakun HEP and Murum HEP which is still under-construction. Meanwhile planning is being carried out to develop other HEPs and coal-fired power plant projects that would be able to generate more than 1,800 MW of firmed power in the near future. The power transmission line from Bakun HEP to Samalaju Industrial Park has been completed. The 275 kv Samalaju power sub-station is already completed and ready to supply power to the industries.

Abundant Water Supply

The Government is developing the water supply to meet the requirement of industries in Samalaju Industrial Park. Huge amount of funding has been spent and allocated to develop water sources and water treatment plant facilities in Samalaju Industrial Park. New Samalaju water treatment plant with capacity of 5 million liter a day (MLD) was completed in 2010. This plant is currently supplying water to the industries especially during their construction stage. The present water treatment facilities will be expanded to meet the increasing water demand by the industries. The new phase of water treatment facilities with the capacity of 80 MLD is just completed in the first quarter of 2014.

Huge Tract of Industrial Land

With an area of more than 8,000 hectare, Samalaju Industrial Park is one of the biggest industrial park in the country. Its distance location from the existing towns and settlements would enable expansion of this park in the future.

Incentives for Investing In Samalaju Industrial Park

The industries in Samalaju Industrial Park are eligible for incentives offered by the Federal Government through MIDA, such as Pioneer Status, Investment Tax Allowance and Reinvestment Tax Allowance. The State Government will top these incentives by offering attractive rates for energy, water and land. 

Progress of Investment in Samalaju Industrial Park

Since the launching of SCORE development plan in February 2008, Samalaju Industrial Park has received overwhelming response from both domestic and international investors. The overwhelming responses received from the investors’ manifest and acknowledge the attractiveness and competitiveness of SCORE globally. The huge energy potential available in SCORE particularly hydropower and is being offered at competitive rates has attracted large number of both domestic and foreign direct investments specifically in the energy intensive industries, such as aluminium, polycrystalline silicon, metallic silicon, ferro-alloys, and other metal-based industries. To-date, there are 14 companies with total investment of RM24.17 billion had been approved (issued with manufacturing licence) to be located at Samalaju Industrial Park and will create 12,852 jobs.

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As at: 01-03-2014
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